Why Traveling As a Digital Nomad Can Sometimes Be Lonely

Digital nomads refer to the people who travel from one place to the other using technology as their support system. Their access to smartphone and other such gadgets along with the cheap price of internet has enabled a number of people to adopt the profession easily.

When you think of digital nomads, the first thing that comes into your mind is young people, particularly from the West, sitting at the beach in East Asian countries with their laptops.

But it has been seen that sometimes digital nomads have a tendency to become lonely. Though it entirely depends on the person under consideration whether they will feel lonely or not, still it has been observed in quite a few cases that they have a higher probability of the same. Find out why-


Sharing of Experience:

Digital nomads have a habit of sharing their experiences of traveling on social networks. Posting a selfie in front of a historical monument on Instagram and posting the pictures of the wonderful places visited on Facebook are among their regular activities. Still, no matter how much they enjoy sharing their stuff and how much support they receive from their virtual friends, they are deprived of the joy one would experience on traveling to these places with their near and dear ones. They cannot deny that they are somewhat lonely in this respect.

The nomads have more than one community to which they belong. So they have the habit of ‘bouncing back and forth’  between communities and traveling in between. No matter how much fun they have in this communities, at the end of the day they do not belong to any particular community, or in other words, do not have their ‘own’ people to get back to.


They need to be lucky enough:

Digital nomads need to be lucky enough to find the right group people that they can talk to and interact with. If they are lucky enough to find such people, then it is fine. Otherwise, if they visit a place devoid of a community with similar mentality, they will end up feeling lonely.


It also depends on the nature of people:

Some are introverts while others are extroverts. If you are an extrovert, you will not find it much difficult to make friends during your trips or as you travel. But the situation is not so favorable for introverts. If you are an introvert or a bit shy, you will not find it easy to gel up with people and share your secrets with the so-called strangers, you will find it extremely difficult to find people who you can make friends with. This will ultimately lead to a lot of loneliness as you will have no one to share your experiences with.


What You Want in Life:

Your expectations from life also count because that itself defines loneliness for you. For some, the ultimate aim in life is to ‘live happily ever after’ with their family. It is needless to say that they will not live a happy life as a digital nomad because the very concept of a nomadic life is against this.

As you keep traveling as a digital nomads, you will experience the lack of attention and care towards yourself and also the absence of people to take care of. You may be happy with your nomadic friends but while climbing the hills when you see the ‘family’ people supporting and attending to each other in the most affectionate manner or while eating at a restaurant when you see the lady at the other table feeding her children, a feeling of loneliness is bound to surround you and you cannot deny the same.

Some people have stated that they feel so lonely being digital nomads and miss that personal touch that they sometimes end up booking hair-cut appointments even if they do not need it! You may become desperate to begin a conversation with the passenger next to you on a bus and end up creating a wrong impression of yourself.


Poor Net Connection:

The joy of being a digital nomad lies in sharing things over the net. But this is not possible without internet connectivity. So during times of poor internet connectivity or in places like beach or high altitude places such as hill stations where network problem is common, it becomes difficult to post photos or connect with friends. It feels as if they are isolated from the entire world and loneliness slowly engulfs them.


Restrictions on Gadgets:

In certain places there are restrictions imposed with respect to electronic gadgets. You cannot carry your laptop everywhere and people may show you a passive attitude.

So these are the reasons why the digital nomads feel lonely and cannot enjoy life unlike others.

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