5 Reasons Why I Haven’t Launched My Own Product

When you work for yourself for some time, most people close to you may start wondering why you have never thought of launching your own product yet. Most people expect you to have something you are working on at the back of your mind, especially if you are not working in an office. Even though there are many ideas in my mind, I am not ready to dedicate to any of them.

In truth, we all have plans and ideas, but we lack the motivation or the courage to act on them. The initial idea is just the beginning. Moving forward is not something most of us get to do. Executing those plans in your head and realizing all the ideas take a lot of effort and dedication.

Since I have not started, there are many reasons as to why I am held up. Though am not an expert, I have worked with different product developers and I have learned a thing or two as to why most of us are stuck at starting.

Reason One- Fear

There are many reasons I, and many people like me have not launched up until now. The core reason is fear. Fear is dependent on how well you survive: they are part and parcel. The fear that I get blamed should I fail, fear that I will not find any customers and fear that the product will not pick up as per my expectations.

For anyone dealing with this, the best thing is to choose the correct company. It can help to have a fearless people in your corner.

Reason Two- Perfection

I am a perfectionist and so are many people all over the world. We like comparing ourselves to other people and brands.  Like in the case of web development, people compare projects to the biggest players in the market. It helps to set a standard, but sometimes that holds us back to some extent.

When you do not have enough time, the correct budget and staff, and you still compare yourself to the big players, and then you may never launch your product. One has to start from the ground up, but we all want what Apple has, we are human.

If you want to compare your product to others, it is essential to ensure that you compare products at the same level. This has to do with the staffing, efforts and the budgets they are working with. If possible, just take time to appreciate what you, want and focus on that. Do not wait too long to launch.

Reason Three- Imposter Syndrome

When working on something new, I freak out. I wonder who will respond or read anything I write. There is also the thought at the back of my mind that someone has already done it better. This is normal and unfortunately, it holds so many of us back and we fail to launch. If you look beyond the insecurities, you should know that they could actually propel you forward. This energy should be channeled into an effort to launch and get the product out there.

Reason Four- Marketing

Sometimes we spend so much time working on a product and we forget that at some point we will have to market it. It is important to start building an audience even before the product has been completed. This is something that has helped me back and I know so many other people have been held back too.

For those willing to try, marketing should not discourage you. You can start with a few customers and get testimonials to attract more. This is something I plan to try out soon.

Reason Five- Pricing

When you are pricing a product that you have worked on so much, so many insecurities turn up. Pricing can be hard and knowing the correct price for a product can stress you out, especially for those of us with no experience launching. This part eludes even the companies that have already been established. Most of us have to deal with a combination of fear and pricing and that is why we remain frozen for such a long time.  Stepping away from insecurities can help.

It is important, to be honest. It is very hard to get things started. That first step really matters and it makes a huge difference. However, I think I will take my own advice and get over all the above insecurities. This is the only way you can try something out to find out if you can make it or not. Without launching, you could be missing the next big thing the world has been waiting for.

The best part of launching and failing is that you have the opportunity to try to re-launch once more. I think I will just do it!

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