Why Email is Still the #1 Form of Advertising

There are so many advertising categories in the modern world, including social media marketing, video, SEO, mobile analytics and sales enablement among many others. But the truth is that email marketing has persisted over the years and remains to be the number one form of advertising that any business or company can settle for. It beats all other advertising channels because of a number of advantages it offers in growing a business. But what exactly makes email marketing this effective even with so many other marketing options?

It is an open platform

Many brands have in the recent past spent lots of money buying large social following so as to communicate with their target audience and to engage with them. Platforms like Facebook have in turn reduced the number of followers that get to see the posts unless they are paid advertisements. Email, on the other hand, is not controlled or owned by a particular entity and remains an open platform for communication. If you take time to build a good email list, then you have an asset that you can leverage without effectiveness limits from anybody.

Email offers easy customization and integration of different marketing tactics

The truth is that email marketing is versatile in that the messages can range from simple to complex depending on the email database depth and the skills of the marketer. It is possible to personalize the emails so they can include the name of the user and other important details. The personalization is something that can be hard to achieve with a majority of other advertising channels yet the uniqueness attracts very positive responses. You can utilize it with other marketing tactics to create an integrated marketing campaign.

It gets the message delivered

Over 90% of emails do get delivered to the intended inboxes whereas only a very small percentage of fans get to see posts in the case of social platforms like Facebook, especially on the news feed. This is because there are limits as to the number of times the post can appear as an attempt to drive brands to paid advertising options. As for email, subscribers have already agreed to hear from you when they signed up to your list, hence you know that your advertising efforts will not go unseen. It gives you confidence when emailing a prospect or a customer because you already have their permission to send them the messages.

Email offers a larger reach

It may seem unreal, but the truth is that everyone who is on social media or other platforms has an email address. It is through the email addresses that the users get important notifications from many of the platforms they are signed into. Email can, therefore, be described as the web currency because active online users need an active email address and this makes connecting with customers and prospects easier and wider with email advertising.

It is still a preferred channel of communication

Whereas social networks are very personal modes of communication used largely to keep to date with family and friends, email is a more professional medium where people expect information on services and products making it very good for business. A huge percentage of people actually prefer receiving promotional content via email compared to social media so you know your messages will be upheld when you use email advertising.

It offers a higher ROI

When it comes to ROI, email outperforms other advertising channels may be because of the ability to deliver highly relevant and personalized messages. You just need relevant data about your customers so that your messages can be highly targeted and you can use customer service solution or CRM to get to know your customers better. When you are able to monitor your customer, you will be sure to send only the right messages to the right people and this improves your ROI to a great extent. Dynamic content and segmentation ensure the content is relevant to every recipient to drive them into converting.

It drives conversions effortlessly

Driving conversion is what most marketers are focused on whether it is in memberships, business metrics, sales or leads. The reasons why email offers better conversions is because you are already sure the recipients subscribed to your list already want to hear from you; this is not the case with most other advertising channels. The click-through rates of email campaigns are much higher compared to those on social platforms like Twitter making it a very powerful channel for advertising. Email visitors tend to buy more when compared to search engine visitors or those from social media campaigns. Email is also measurable and customers have access to metrics such as clicks, forwards, opens and even shared on social media. This increases the conversion rates of email marketing, making it worthwhile for any kind of business.

Looking for an advertising channel that will get you the kind of results you wish for? Email marketing is indeed one of the best you can choose to grow your business and stay afloat of competition.

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