What 1 Year of Traveling Has Taught Me

It has always been my belief that we learn so much as we travel. You get enriched and enlightened. You get out of your cage and step into a world you never knew even existed. Traveling has allowed me to meet so many people and experience different cultures first hand. We all take a delight in food and what better way to try out new delicacies than through travel?
When traveling, I can let go and let things happen in a natural way. I do not try too hard. I lose myself in all the environments I find myself. When you do this, you become a free spirit and you feel like you can conquer the world!

I have been traveling the past year and there are many valuable lessons that I have learned. This is what I want to share with you.

The value of little things

As I have been traveling, I have started seeing the small things that we take for granted in real life. There are things that we do not give much value while they are actually worth so much. One of the things we ignore so much is the value of people doing the humblest jobs. This includes the taxi drivers, chauffeurs, vendors, and waiters and so on. You will definitely meet these people during your travels. They need to be respected because they determine how good your stay in that specific location will be. You can learn so much from them, especially when you are on unfamiliar ground.


I used to be somewhat reserved and I did not interact much. I was unfamiliar with people and did not like speaking often. However, traveling has opened me up and it has shown me the need for initiating conversations and befriending people who have proved to be worth so much. Interacting with locals as well as other tourists are one of the best ways to make the most out of the holiday. If you stay alone, then you may not have the zeal to know the destination, therefore, missing important things.


I have learned so much about different localities and cultures. For this, I find myself wanting to know more and more about the world. I would like to believe I am much wiser than I was initially.

Confidence boost

If you are anything like me, then you know how intimidating a new setup can be. When you travel, you do not have an option. It’s either you remain locked up in your room or get out and experience the new setting.

You need to find confidence regardless of how hidden it may be. Today, I feel more confident since I have had to manage everything by myself. I’ve had to decide what to do and what to eat as well. Traveling on your own has its own highlights and it’s a true achievement.


During my travel, I have seen new things. There are landscapes, architecture, food, culture, and people. This is something I had no idea about before I started my travel. There are so many wonderful things the world can offer, but we have to step out of our comfort zones to experience and embrace them.


I am finally no longer confined to a shell. New doors have presented themselves and I now appreciate all aspects of life. Travel shows you the important things in life. You lose that traditional mindset and focus more on life. I have met people with so many backgrounds and so many stories to tell!


When you travel, it becomes easy to set priorities. Since I love traveling, I had to set priorities. I needed to save and concentrate on the things that would give me joy. During my travel, I have been able to think more clearly and now I know the direction I want my life to take.

Once you’ve missed a bus or two and have been stranded in many extreme locations, you quickly become focused on prioritizing your daily life and eventually your future.

Being grateful

We always complain about our lives. However, as I traveled, I negated without difficulty. Today, an attitude of gratitude is deeply rooted in me and I feel excited and thankful for the life I live than before. It is easy to appreciate what we have been given in life after we see many people whose lives have been less fortunate. These moments cause me to reflect upon the graciousness of my friends and family and truly see the help they have given me over the years.

My selfish side

Though many may not get it, travel has helped me deal with selfishness. I was self-centered, but as I traveled in the past year, I see life in a completely different light. I can see all the colors and I appreciate people from all occupations. I have realized that there are people who have to deal with adversity, every single day of their lives and that does not make them any lesser beings. Now am more compassionate and appreciate the challenges many have to face.


The exposure I have gotten in the past year has made me a more creative person. This is in my day-to-day life. I am no Picasso, but traveling stretches your mind when you see new things that capture your attention. These are the things that make life so delightful. Waking up on a beach or watching the sun set in snow-covered mountains shows the beauty of the world. Since I’ve begun traveling, I have started writing and even drawing some of the locations I am visiting!

There are so many things to learn and I look forward to more experiences in future travels.

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