The Downsides to Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing has become very popular, especially with internet marketing. Affiliate marketing should be a business that is mutually beneficial to website owners and publishers. An affiliate usually gets compensation for all clients provided through their effort. Usually, when a purchase is made, a part of the profit is credited to an affiliate as commission.

It is important to learn all about the disadvantages that come with the affiliate marketing as soon as possible. This will allow you to know all the pitfalls and to learn the best way in which you can guard against them.

It may sound weird that affiliate marketing even has disadvantages. This is because most people concentrate on the good side and rarely look at the downsides. Due to the many sources advocating for affiliate marketing, most people fall totally in love with this kind of marketing. Many e-commerce giants have failed in this area and there are several pitfalls that everyone thinking about affiliate marketing should know about.

The disadvantages of growing business with the aid of affiliate marketing

Let us look at some of the disadvantages of this kind of marketing. Affiliates can be considered fair weather friends. If you have just found out about affiliate marketing, you may be curious to some extent. There are those who actually get euphoric about such offerings. After your sales have been spiked, the very next e-commerce business takes a great part of the affiliates. What you notice about affiliates is that they also monitor all earnings very closely and on a daily basis. If your earnings start slowing down, they might get nervous even when this is only for a short while.

During normal business, sales do slow down from time to time. During the times when your business is low, there are affiliates who will leave to look for better deals and this only worsens the way your business is doing.

Affiliate and network commissions erode the bottom line

In a good case, you increase sells when you work with affiliates.  However, the growth achieved at the top line ends up being the cost of the bottom line. There are affiliate commissions, usually about 5 percent to 10 percent, that is very common. There is also the need to pay commissions to various affiliate networks if at all you select them.

Decrease in profits

Since the usual sales are routed through the affiliates, you may notice a very steep decrease in the sales, as you know them. This is one of the greatest disadvantages that many people do not know about. You may have substantial sales, but you do not use any affiliates. After you sign up for the affiliates, you notice that more sales are coming in but on looking at the aggregate level of sales; you cannot really see a difference. In such a case, it simply means that the affiliates managed to get customers to get to the site and after the click; a link to the affiliate code was given. This means instead of a direct sale, you have to part with affiliate commissions. This may happen through methods like SEM, SEO, Fake coupon codes, and even fake promotions. Sometimes the affiliate marketers can get customers to your website by providing them with a link.

Sometimes affiliates do not respect the brand or give it the care it should get

You take so much time as you develop and conceptualize the e-commerce brand. Then in comes an affiliate with no respect for the brand that you worked hard for. The affiliate can distort the brand image and sometimes they may misrepresent the offering you are making. This doesn’t mean that all the affiliate marketers are unethical. However, the short-term orientation of the affiliates causes a number of them to use some not so ethical methods.

For e-commerce professionals

It is important for all the e-commerce professionals to look at both the advantages and disadvantages of affiliate marketing. Look keenly at all the downsides and if you do decide to venture into it, make sure that you understand everything very clearly. Therefore, you may be wondering whether the affiliate marketing is worth the effort. In all truth, affiliate marketing is one of the most important tools that e-commerce marketers can use. as well as this method is, you should be careful with the downsides and find the best ways to deal with them before you lose too much.

A merchant can incur very high costs in the name of commissions as well as maintenance and set fees. This can be because of using brokers or affiliate facilitators. Beware that there are also link hijackers that can take the affiliate kings to get their hands on the commission instead of the real affiliates.

Learn as much as you can about affiliate marketing before venturing in to cushion yourself from anything that may come up.

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Create a Social Network

Digital marketers can be regarded as legends. They get their hands so full in so many ways to reach and engage their audience. It is important to be as influential as possible with social media, content, and email because this is where the audience is found. Digital marketers are able to connect all the platforms and redirect them to blogs and other areas of interest to hike sales and make money.

There are very few of us who still make decisions based on information that is obtained from only one place only. When marketers focus energy on a channel, it means that they may be missing very important opportunities and the rhythms in the busy cycle. When you integrate social media and email marketing, you will end up saving time and you can reach a very large audience wherever they may be. Although, some tactics can actually help you get so much more out of whichever channel you prefer.

The points below are the ways in which you can utilize all the platforms to grow your brand.

  • Uploading the subscriber list to your social networks

There are some reasons as to why this is necessary. When you send your list to social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, they can get personal with you. They will see your face and get your name. When you also follow them on the social networks, you will have an idea of what they want. If you post very interesting content on the social platforms, the more followers will be gained.

You can use sites such as Twitter and Facebook. When you want to do this, you should realize that every platform has its own way of doing things. However, there are procedures that can be followed and in the end, you will be in a position to link up your list with your social media profiles.

  • Run retargeting ads on Twitter and Facebook

This is another method that can be helpful in connecting with more people and growing your email list. This is a trick that I consider smart, and not many people really take advantage of it. If you run ads blindly, you may end up spending so much money for nothing. When you match your interest and the intent to the ads, you can make lots of money.

How it works

For this to work, you will need to have a tracking code on the website. This allows the ad platform for different visitors. You can now show them ads on the social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook. When you have an email campaign for subscribers, you can retarget the ones that actually clicked through. This helps in the elimination of guesswork. Social networks are a great way to run ads because of their affordability and the fact that the sites have heavy traffic.

  • Allow social networks to send emails out on your behalf

This can be called indirect email marketing. For this to work well, you need to have a great community. This is not about self-promotion, but about relating to those in your niche. When you grow the membership in the group, you will have many inbox messages every day. You can also send some email announcements to your group members on social media.

  • Automate the email outreach so as to lead to social shares

When new content is published, it becomes more interesting when it is shared. When influential people share it too, it becomes even more interesting. You could write something great, but if it is not validated or shared, then it doesn’t seem so appealing.

You can use email to get social sharing in motion. When a post has a number of shares, then you can reach out to the influential people within the industry to reach an even bigger audience. You can do this by automating your Gmail account. You should start a campaign where an email is sent to your list and if there is no response, a follow-up message will be received. The follow-ups can be scheduled at specific times. This way, you will be able to manage things better.

You can also use the newsletter where you place a call to action to get the desired effect.

  • Collect emails on Facebook and Twitter

You can have people sign up for an email newsletter on Twitter directly. It is rather simple and once you follow the steps you will be good to go. Let us be realistic though, no one will offer you an email freely. You can offer something free first that could be a course, a webinar, a guide or even a book. To use this tool on Twitter, you will have to give your credit card.

You can also utilize the Facebook call to action button.

Availing links on your blog, on your social media platforms and on your email newsletters will allow you to link up your audience and they can reach you in whichever method that suits them best.

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Build an Email List and Send Offers

Affiliate marketing is an amazing opportunity when utilized in the right way. It is one of the fastest ways in which you can make some money online in a short time and with very little expense or risk. You work at the time you want and from wherever you are. Affiliate marketing involves the selling of another person’s services and products so you do not have to fulfill orders or even work actively in customer service.

You can make money without the need for a website. However, it is recommended that you do set up a website and then embark on affiliate marketing. The best thing is that you do not even need any kind of experience at all. You can set up a site by yourself and start getting worthy rewards.

Affiliate marketing has some flaws due to some factors that you cannot control in the end. They include offers, SEO, and partners.

Social media

All things come and all things disappear without a trace. When you rely too much on such things, your business online becomes more volatile. Email marketing should now be introduced. You can do email marketing to your list of customers, followers, and fans. You can control the list all the time.  This list should be considered an asset and no one can really take it away.

The email list

This is where the money is. The list brings so much income than any other method that you may be considering. Your list moves with you and it is indeed your most valued asset.

For anyone who has a website, you should know that a topic that you have chosen could die out without incident. However, as for your list, no matter what happens, it will stand the test of time. Even if your website dies or gets closed, you can move with the list of subscribers and then start all over again. You will only need to send notifications to all people who had subscribed to you and you are good to go.

Your list is an amazing and effective method of communication. You get to engage with the audience about joint ventures, tutorials, news, offers and all sorts of information that you think may interest them. This helps the list to remain interested. You can suggest some of the things that they should engage in and you never know, it might work.

The subscribers have an income potential and even though some of them do not result in income, a good number do. Value swings depending on the niche. However, you will note that anyone on your list that trusts and like you will most definitely buy.

If you are new to affiliate marketing, then you should remain strong because building a list is never an easy thing. It is actually a rather daunting task. Regardless of how many people are on the list of this and that website, always remember that it did not come overnight. Such lists are compiled one email at a time. To get more details on this, you should pick a couple of affiliate marketers and subscribe to the list. In this way, you will know what such lists are about.

If you are serious about internet marketing, then you need to be aware that list building, as well as email marketing, is very important. They should be used together to gain some reasonable success.

Building the list

 1. Get a list building software

Building a list is not hard. There are list building software tools that can automate the prices and set you up in a very fast and efficient manner.

You can select many products such as AWeber. This is software that has been used for such a long time and it remains very significant. You can also go with AutoResponder where responses are generated as soon as the emails come up.

 2. Ethical bribe

After you have selected email software, you can go on to the next step. This is the ethical bribe and a valuable thing exchanged for the address of targeted subscribers. This bribe is important because many of us are concerned about online privacy. You should have a very reasonable and valuable freebie to make people want to associate with you and give their emails. Everyone loves getting free stuff so it’s always and enticing way to attract new customers.

 3. The opt-in-forms

Once you have completed the list building software and the bribe, you need to have an email capture form on the website. The web form is an important component of email marketing. If you do not offer people a chance to join the list, then you may not have people to email to. This form should be located on the homepage and easily accessible for someone to sign up. You should also have some more placed on different pages of your site. The more chances someone has to opt-in, the more likely you can obtain new members, although it should be within reason.

 4. Follow up

After all things are set up, follow up. This will be the very first impression someone subscribing to your list will get about you. Additionally, once everything is set up you will be able to send out affiliate offers as often as you want.

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Blogging for Cash

It seems like everyone today has a blog. Blogging has become so popular in our world today and it helps when you can make some money while at it. If you already have a blog, then it is high time you started making some cash out of it.

Many people start out blogging without any kind of knowledge or technical abilities. However, when you have an open mind and are ready to learn, you can achieve so much from blogging. Though it may not be possible to start making money as soon as you start, income grows as time goes by and as you get a deeper understanding of the workings of a blog.

How it is done

Some basic steps can help you if you want to earn some extra cash blogging. You should:

  1. Set up the blog
  2. Create content that is useful
  3. Get off the blog and find readers
  4. Engage with readers as they come to the blog
  5. Start making money from this through the available income streams

When put like that, it seems so easy. It can be simple to some extent, but you should realize that each of the above steps has many details that you should pay attention to.

   1. The blog

It goes without saying; if you want money blogging then you need a blog. You will need guidance if you have never created a blog before. Find out as much as you can about the things that should be set up before a blog goes live.

   2. The content

You need to select content that will engage the readers. Focus on useful content and create a topic that you will have an easier time writing about. Many bloggers focus on a specific niche or a demographic. You need useful content and create content that will have an impact on the lives of people as this will give it value. People will trust you and connect with you and this is one of the building blocks of making money in the future.

   3. Finding readers

When creating useful content, you can get narrow-minded and you may spend too much time building the blog. If you would like to earn from the blog, then you need to know how to promote it as soon as possible. You can experiment with the audience of the blog to find out what else they would like to see in the future. Try to know the kind of people who will like the blog. You could even come up with an avatar. You should build a presence to add value and have strong relationships. Do not create spam.

   4. Engagement with readers

Create a great blog and work on finding great reader’s for the same. When you do this, you will get regulars. This is the time to focus on them and build your own community. Respond to comments made and reach out to them on a personal level. Do as much as you can to ensure they come back. Looking after the readers will lead them to attracting even more readers to the blog.

   5. Making money from the readership

The above steps are important, as they are the foundation for making money. All the above is a lot of work, but hey, Rome was not built in a day. You need to work hard if you are to get a good return. To make money, you need to keep on experimenting and working on the blog. Here are some income streams that stand out if you want to make some cash blogging.

  • Income from advertising: As the brand and traffic grows, advertisers become more willing to pay something to get exposure to the audience you have managed to attract. Most bloggers begin with advertising and people use this common model. Ad networks can give you some substantial income. Start small and grow with time.
  • Affiliate income: This is where a product is linked to another site. When a person uses the link and then buys the product, you will get a commission. Affiliate promotions are a common income choice for many since they can just use a link to sell the product.
  • Events: This includes conferences, hosting bloggers or small meet-ups for the readers where money is made by charging the attendees or getting sponsorship. Bloggers are making money today by running many different events. Search around for different ideas for events you can create.
  • Recurring income:  These are membership programs where readers pay an amount on annual or monthly basis to access premium content or other services. This is yet another category that keeps on growing and bloggers are trying it out.
  • Business promotion: Brick and mortar businesses can make money using the blogs to grow profiles and direct the readers to access their own business.
  • Services: Services are offered to readers and this can include things like consultations and coaching, copywriting, training and all sorts of services. These services are another popular way that people are utilizing to make money.

There are so many other possibilities. To get the upper hand, ensure that you use more than one mode of making money to get the best results.

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Best WordPress Plugins for 2018

There are great WordPress plugins that everyone who has a blog or website should have in the year 2018. When you decide to use WordPress platform for that blog, make sure that you get a hosting provider who will offer easy installation. You will need a theme and make sure that all requirements you want are fulfilled. Be keen on the quality and the features. Choosing a plugin is also a great step. Take time to select a plugin that will enable you to get so much more from your website.

You need to know what plugins will make your blog or websites even better. You should give the users a great experience and ensure that the plugin is actually SEO friendly. It is easy for any new blogger to be confused on the plugging that is ideal for them. So many great plugins can be used in WordPress today. The options can overwhelm one and there are many problems that they may face. You need to choose the WordPress plugins that you need most.

Working without plugins

You may be wondering if you can list work without the plugins. What you should know is that plugins are actually building blocks for the WordPress site. They bring with them functionality needed in WordPress. Plugins are what make WordPress truly worthwhile.

Best Plugins for Websites


This plugin is widely used. It is free and offers over 30 modules. It is possible to enable or even disable a module from the writing, appearance, security, engagement and general categories.

This plugin offers a much better experience writing. It is easy to list and publish blog posts through email. There is also the video hosting option if at all, you want to publish videos on the website, but you will have to upgrade the plan. This is an easy way of uploading videos that are unbranded and ad-free.

Google Authenticator

This WordPress plugin is free. It adds two factor kind of authentication to the site for better security when logging on, the plugin lets you utilize two-factor authentication by using the authenticator app for iPhone/android/blackberry. When you enable the plugin, you have to type an extra code that will appear on the authenticator app or you will not be able to visit the site at all. The authenticator is an amazing way of making sure that the page is safe from hackers.

Lazy Load

Lazy loading your videos and images is a great way of improving the load time of your pages. The plugin is free and you can load an image if it is visible within the viewport.


Many blogs today are aimed at the hit and run kind of readers. Most people will just get to the blog, read an article and simply leave. It would be great if you got some people to subscribe or if they agreed with the post. The WordPress plugin provides great free tools needed to grow social sharing and subscribers.

The sumo plugin uses email SignUp forms so as to make it easy for you to add readers to your email list. You can share the blog posts on Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter and all sorts of social sites.

WP Super Cache

With this plugin, the website loads faster. This plugin is widely used and it generates HTML files from the WordPress blog. After the generation of the HTML file, the web server then serves the file without processing it to WordPress, PHP scripts that are heavier and more expensive.

Over a million websites use this plugin. The speed of a website is a big deal for search engines as well as for blog readers. You will not have to use so much. When you install and activate the plugin, your website will be faster.

Yoast SEO

If you want to publish content on a company, business or personal blog, then you should never publish it without optimizing it first.  SEO plugin allows you to optimize a post easily. There are many such plugins in use. Yoast SEO is the best to use because of the great features that it offers. This means each post gets better rankings.

Contact Form 7

Jetpack comes with a contact module, but you did not have to use it, you can simply install your own contact form 7. People use this very popular contact form plugin for WordPress. This free plugin helps you create and then manage many contact forms for the different pages. You can also access additional plugins that can enhance how the contact form 7 functions.

LH Zero Spam

Do you really need to make users fill out Captchas? You can use the LH Zero spam plugging instead. There are different plugins of this nature used for WordPress. Choose one that will help you with deletion of spam and one that works very fast.

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The Benefits of Starting a Blog

Some two decades ago, we did not have a single blog on the internet, but today there are more than 150 million online. Despite this fact, having a blog is one of the most important things that a person, a cause, or a business can have so as to really advance online. Blogging is a big deal, but many people do not really understand why this is such a big deal. It is powerful, beneficial and helpful.

There are many things that make blogs such an important tool. It is better to get enlightened and if you plan to start a blog you can understand why it is such a great place where you can direct potential customers and like-minded people. There are great benefits one gets from having a blog as explained below.

A better job

Most companies today go through online profiles before they hire an employee. Most employers want to have a person that has a very strong influence online. In short, employers hire people who have a very positive influence and blogging can be categorized as one of the best ways in which that can be achieved.

Starting a new business

Sometimes you may start your blog just like a hobby and before you know it, you have turned it into a business that is full time. This is true for many blogs. When you decide to take blogs more seriously, you could end up making so much money every year. Even though no two stories are the same, there are those that stand out showing us just how far a blog can go toward creating an amazing and thriving business if you do commit.

More clients from current business

When a website is static, it does not get new customers or clients. However, when you update a blog, you can come up with a very constant stream of some amazing leads from all parts of the world. Publishing in-depth posts help the customers to solve issues and they come to respect and trust you since you have proven to be an expert.

Becoming a much better writer

The only way to achieve this is to write on a daily basis. Write as many pages as you possibly can and perfect the art. The more you write, the better you become at it. Bloggers are engaged in writing and once you have perfected your own style, you are able to engage with like-minded people at a greater level.

Becoming a published author

Business publishing is not as it was in the past. Today, most publishers may not take chances with an unknown author. They prefer someone who has an audience of readers and this is where a blog comes in. This means that a blog may not be just about becoming better as a writer, it is also one of the fastest ways in which you can become a published writer.

Immediate feedback

Most authors wait for months after completing a book to get any kind of feedback. For bloggers, it is a completely different story. The readers access the blog and leave comments immediately. This means that blogging is one of the best ways in which you can get some feedback and improve in some areas. Having a perspective and some bit of criticism is always invaluable.

Learn more about the groups

As a blogger, you spend so much time-sharing insights and ideas with readers. However, if you do listen to the readers, they end up sharing so much too. Comments, tweets and forum posts can tell a blogger so much. This is information that can guide a blogger in determining the things that they should write about so as to engage the audience more. If you deal with products, you can know the ones that you can develop as the readers will guide you on what the market needs.


There are many ways you can change the world today. There are those that act as volunteers, activists, and even politicians. The latest is becoming a blogger. Successful bloggers have a great audience of persons that respect and trust them.

Establishment as an expert

Start a blog on topics of interest. You may not get any attention simply because you have a blog. Over time, as you deal with more posts and you share the expertise that you have, the website you have will definitely change into a demonstration of how knowledgeable you are in a certain field. When you get visitors to see the insights you have on a certain subject, you gain respect. People may come to you for expert opinion and this is how you know you have established yourself. This means you are considered for consulting opportunities, for awards and careers.

Building a network

Building networks can actually build wealth. When you start a blog, you will definitely expand your particular network. You have to come up with valuable and most interesting blogs so that readers will get attracted. Once they have read, they are more likely to comment and send messages. You can use the blog to reach out to others.

Give a blog your best and it will definitely return the favor!

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Why Traveling As a Digital Nomad Can Sometimes Be Lonely

Digital nomads refer to the people who travel from one place to the other using technology as their support system. Their access to smartphone and other such gadgets along with the cheap price of internet has enabled a number of people to adopt the profession easily.

When you think of digital nomads, the first thing that comes into your mind is young people, particularly from the West, sitting at the beach in East Asian countries with their laptops.

But it has been seen that sometimes digital nomads have a tendency to become lonely. Though it entirely depends on the person under consideration whether they will feel lonely or not, still it has been observed in quite a few cases that they have a higher probability of the same. Find out why-


Sharing of Experience:

Digital nomads have a habit of sharing their experiences of traveling on social networks. Posting a selfie in front of a historical monument on Instagram and posting the pictures of the wonderful places visited on Facebook are among their regular activities. Still, no matter how much they enjoy sharing their stuff and how much support they receive from their virtual friends, they are deprived of the joy one would experience on traveling to these places with their near and dear ones. They cannot deny that they are somewhat lonely in this respect.

The nomads have more than one community to which they belong. So they have the habit of ‘bouncing back and forth’  between communities and traveling in between. No matter how much fun they have in this communities, at the end of the day they do not belong to any particular community, or in other words, do not have their ‘own’ people to get back to.


They need to be lucky enough:

Digital nomads need to be lucky enough to find the right group people that they can talk to and interact with. If they are lucky enough to find such people, then it is fine. Otherwise, if they visit a place devoid of a community with similar mentality, they will end up feeling lonely.


It also depends on the nature of people:

Some are introverts while others are extroverts. If you are an extrovert, you will not find it much difficult to make friends during your trips or as you travel. But the situation is not so favorable for introverts. If you are an introvert or a bit shy, you will not find it easy to gel up with people and share your secrets with the so-called strangers, you will find it extremely difficult to find people who you can make friends with. This will ultimately lead to a lot of loneliness as you will have no one to share your experiences with.


What You Want in Life:

Your expectations from life also count because that itself defines loneliness for you. For some, the ultimate aim in life is to ‘live happily ever after’ with their family. It is needless to say that they will not live a happy life as a digital nomad because the very concept of a nomadic life is against this.

As you keep traveling as a digital nomads, you will experience the lack of attention and care towards yourself and also the absence of people to take care of. You may be happy with your nomadic friends but while climbing the hills when you see the ‘family’ people supporting and attending to each other in the most affectionate manner or while eating at a restaurant when you see the lady at the other table feeding her children, a feeling of loneliness is bound to surround you and you cannot deny the same.

Some people have stated that they feel so lonely being digital nomads and miss that personal touch that they sometimes end up booking hair-cut appointments even if they do not need it! You may become desperate to begin a conversation with the passenger next to you on a bus and end up creating a wrong impression of yourself.


Poor Net Connection:

The joy of being a digital nomad lies in sharing things over the net. But this is not possible without internet connectivity. So during times of poor internet connectivity or in places like beach or high altitude places such as hill stations where network problem is common, it becomes difficult to post photos or connect with friends. It feels as if they are isolated from the entire world and loneliness slowly engulfs them.


Restrictions on Gadgets:

In certain places there are restrictions imposed with respect to electronic gadgets. You cannot carry your laptop everywhere and people may show you a passive attitude.

So these are the reasons why the digital nomads feel lonely and cannot enjoy life unlike others.

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