Everyone is Doing Facebook Ads and eCommerce, Should You?

eCommerce has become the backbone of many businesses today considering that it reaches a very wide market bringing in profits. This is a process where consumers and businesses sell and buy goods and services using electronic media. Facebook on the other hand has also become a very popular marketing social media platform. Ads on Facebook have seen to the success of many businesses because they make it possible to reach people based on gender, age, location, and even interests and others. If you are still wondering whether you should follow suit and do eCommerce and Facebook ads, maybe it would be better to start by looking at the advantages of each.

eCommerce advantages

  1. There is a lower startup cost required, compared to a physical retail store. You do not need to handle upfront costs like designing your store, sales equipment, buying inventory and others with eCommerce. The platform is easy to use and you get to enjoy free themes, apps and even hosting at a reasonable annual fee for virtual rent. Your business expenses will definitely be much lower in eCommerce.
  2. It allows you to sell internationally. This is probably one of the greatest advantages of eCommerce. Using the platform you are able to sell what you have to customers across the globe. You have the ability to discover the right audiences regardless of where they are located and using other helpful services you are actually able to shop your products easily and competitively.
  3. Affordable employees are offered through eCommerce. Considering that it is very hard to run a business all by yourself, you may need employees. The good thing with eCommerce is that you can outsource any work you have to countries whose cost of living is lower so you do not end up spending too much. Compared to a retail store, you will also need fewer employees when you feel it’s getting harder to run the business alone.
  4. With eCommerce, customers enjoy an enjoyable and less invasive experience shopping. This is because they are not forced to interact with employees in the store as it is the case with brick and mortar stores. They get to shop for what is available with minimal disturbance and only look up for support when they need to. Using email, live chats and Facebook messages, all customer queries can be attended effectively. It is an advantage, especially for those who would rather sell or buy what they need discreetly.
  5. Having content will grow the business organically. You can use eCommerce blogging to grow organic sales and traffic that take your business to the next level and without spending much on it. It can be done through writing blog content and videos to optimize the store. Also, eCommerce makes it easy to scale business quickly, unlike brick and mortar store where you would need to think about space and costs before scaling.

Advantages of Facebook Ads

  1. Facebook ads make it possible to target and reach the right audience. You are able to refine the targeted audience with the advertising using things such as demographics. When this is done, you increase your chances of getting the message across and getting the expected results in terms of sales. Segmenting Facebook users and using CRM can go a long way in making your business a success.
  2. Using Facebook ads, you can measure conversions. Tracking user actions after they view your ads across different devices is made easy when you create Facebook pixel. You can add the pixel to your website where the conversions occur so you are able to see who converts after viewing the Facebook ad that you have put up. You can implement the pixel from the Ads Manager on the platform and then adding the base code to every page on your website.
  3. Facebook ads can contain videos. The truth is that consumers are attracted by videos, even on Facebook and using them on this platform gives a solution that is cost effective. Including a video in your ad content will highly increase your visibility. Facebook makes it possible to opt for auto-play, which automatically starts playing your video on the Newsfeed of users increasing the chances of your ad being watched. Because targeting customers is easy with Facebook ads, you will also be able to place the video in front of the most relevant audience for the business.
  4. Using Facebook insights, you can measure page data against paid posts the same way you would in analyzing the performance of organic posts on the platform. This data helps greatly in deciding what targeting options are best for future ad posts making a difference for your business.
  5. You can test ads to different locations, audiences and even age segments all in one Facebook campaign. This is made possible by the Facebook Power Editor and it helps in finding out what works best and for each of the target demographics for that matter.

eCommerce and Facebook ads can for sure go a long way in making your business a success. You just need to do each right and you stand to reap great results.

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