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Digital marketers can be regarded as legends. They get their hands so full in so many ways to reach and engage their audience. It is important to be as influential as possible with social media, content, and email because this is where the audience is found. Digital marketers are able to connect all the platforms and redirect them to blogs and other areas of interest to hike sales and make money.

There are very few of us who still make decisions based on information that is obtained from only one place only. When marketers focus energy on a channel, it means that they may be missing very important opportunities and the rhythms in the busy cycle. When you integrate social media and email marketing, you will end up saving time and you can reach a very large audience wherever they may be. Although, some tactics can actually help you get so much more out of whichever channel you prefer.

The points below are the ways in which you can utilize all the platforms to grow your brand.

  • Uploading the subscriber list to your social networks

There are some reasons as to why this is necessary. When you send your list to social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, they can get personal with you. They will see your face and get your name. When you also follow them on the social networks, you will have an idea of what they want. If you post very interesting content on the social platforms, the more followers will be gained.

You can use sites such as Twitter and Facebook. When you want to do this, you should realize that every platform has its own way of doing things. However, there are procedures that can be followed and in the end, you will be in a position to link up your list with your social media profiles.

  • Run retargeting ads on Twitter and Facebook

This is another method that can be helpful in connecting with more people and growing your email list. This is a trick that I consider smart, and not many people really take advantage of it. If you run ads blindly, you may end up spending so much money for nothing. When you match your interest and the intent to the ads, you can make lots of money.

How it works

For this to work, you will need to have a tracking code on the website. This allows the ad platform for different visitors. You can now show them ads on the social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook. When you have an email campaign for subscribers, you can retarget the ones that actually clicked through. This helps in the elimination of guesswork. Social networks are a great way to run ads because of their affordability and the fact that the sites have heavy traffic.

  • Allow social networks to send emails out on your behalf

This can be called indirect email marketing. For this to work well, you need to have a great community. This is not about self-promotion, but about relating to those in your niche. When you grow the membership in the group, you will have many inbox messages every day. You can also send some email announcements to your group members on social media.

  • Automate the email outreach so as to lead to social shares

When new content is published, it becomes more interesting when it is shared. When influential people share it too, it becomes even more interesting. You could write something great, but if it is not validated or shared, then it doesn’t seem so appealing.

You can use email to get social sharing in motion. When a post has a number of shares, then you can reach out to the influential people within the industry to reach an even bigger audience. You can do this by automating your Gmail account. You should start a campaign where an email is sent to your list and if there is no response, a follow-up message will be received. The follow-ups can be scheduled at specific times. This way, you will be able to manage things better.

You can also use the newsletter where you place a call to action to get the desired effect.

  • Collect emails on Facebook and Twitter

You can have people sign up for an email newsletter on Twitter directly. It is rather simple and once you follow the steps you will be good to go. Let us be realistic though, no one will offer you an email freely. You can offer something free first that could be a course, a webinar, a guide or even a book. To use this tool on Twitter, you will have to give your credit card.

You can also utilize the Facebook call to action button.

Availing links on your blog, on your social media platforms and on your email newsletters will allow you to link up your audience and they can reach you in whichever method that suits them best.

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