Build an Email List and Send Offers

Affiliate marketing is an amazing opportunity when utilized in the right way. It is one of the fastest ways in which you can make some money online in a short time and with very little expense or risk. You work at the time you want and from wherever you are. Affiliate marketing involves the selling of another person’s services and products so you do not have to fulfill orders or even work actively in customer service.

You can make money without the need for a website. However, it is recommended that you do set up a website and then embark on affiliate marketing. The best thing is that you do not even need any kind of experience at all. You can set up a site by yourself and start getting worthy rewards.

Affiliate marketing has some flaws due to some factors that you cannot control in the end. They include offers, SEO, and partners.

Social media

All things come and all things disappear without a trace. When you rely too much on such things, your business online becomes more volatile. Email marketing should now be introduced. You can do email marketing to your list of customers, followers, and fans. You can control the list all the time.  This list should be considered an asset and no one can really take it away.

The email list

This is where the money is. The list brings so much income than any other method that you may be considering. Your list moves with you and it is indeed your most valued asset.

For anyone who has a website, you should know that a topic that you have chosen could die out without incident. However, as for your list, no matter what happens, it will stand the test of time. Even if your website dies or gets closed, you can move with the list of subscribers and then start all over again. You will only need to send notifications to all people who had subscribed to you and you are good to go.

Your list is an amazing and effective method of communication. You get to engage with the audience about joint ventures, tutorials, news, offers and all sorts of information that you think may interest them. This helps the list to remain interested. You can suggest some of the things that they should engage in and you never know, it might work.

The subscribers have an income potential and even though some of them do not result in income, a good number do. Value swings depending on the niche. However, you will note that anyone on your list that trusts and like you will most definitely buy.

If you are new to affiliate marketing, then you should remain strong because building a list is never an easy thing. It is actually a rather daunting task. Regardless of how many people are on the list of this and that website, always remember that it did not come overnight. Such lists are compiled one email at a time. To get more details on this, you should pick a couple of affiliate marketers and subscribe to the list. In this way, you will know what such lists are about.

If you are serious about internet marketing, then you need to be aware that list building, as well as email marketing, is very important. They should be used together to gain some reasonable success.

Building the list

 1. Get a list building software

Building a list is not hard. There are list building software tools that can automate the prices and set you up in a very fast and efficient manner.

You can select many products such as AWeber. This is software that has been used for such a long time and it remains very significant. You can also go with AutoResponder where responses are generated as soon as the emails come up.

 2. Ethical bribe

After you have selected email software, you can go on to the next step. This is the ethical bribe and a valuable thing exchanged for the address of targeted subscribers. This bribe is important because many of us are concerned about online privacy. You should have a very reasonable and valuable freebie to make people want to associate with you and give their emails. Everyone loves getting free stuff so it’s always and enticing way to attract new customers.

 3. The opt-in-forms

Once you have completed the list building software and the bribe, you need to have an email capture form on the website. The web form is an important component of email marketing. If you do not offer people a chance to join the list, then you may not have people to email to. This form should be located on the homepage and easily accessible for someone to sign up. You should also have some more placed on different pages of your site. The more chances someone has to opt-in, the more likely you can obtain new members, although it should be within reason.

 4. Follow up

After all things are set up, follow up. This will be the very first impression someone subscribing to your list will get about you. Additionally, once everything is set up you will be able to send out affiliate offers as often as you want.

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