Blogging for Cash

It seems like everyone today has a blog. Blogging has become so popular in our world today and it helps when you can make some money while at it. If you already have a blog, then it is high time you started making some cash out of it.

Many people start out blogging without any kind of knowledge or technical abilities. However, when you have an open mind and are ready to learn, you can achieve so much from blogging. Though it may not be possible to start making money as soon as you start, income grows as time goes by and as you get a deeper understanding of the workings of a blog.

How it is done

Some basic steps can help you if you want to earn some extra cash blogging. You should:

  1. Set up the blog
  2. Create content that is useful
  3. Get off the blog and find readers
  4. Engage with readers as they come to the blog
  5. Start making money from this through the available income streams

When put like that, it seems so easy. It can be simple to some extent, but you should realize that each of the above steps has many details that you should pay attention to.

   1. The blog

It goes without saying; if you want money blogging then you need a blog. You will need guidance if you have never created a blog before. Find out as much as you can about the things that should be set up before a blog goes live.

   2. The content

You need to select content that will engage the readers. Focus on useful content and create a topic that you will have an easier time writing about. Many bloggers focus on a specific niche or a demographic. You need useful content and create content that will have an impact on the lives of people as this will give it value. People will trust you and connect with you and this is one of the building blocks of making money in the future.

   3. Finding readers

When creating useful content, you can get narrow-minded and you may spend too much time building the blog. If you would like to earn from the blog, then you need to know how to promote it as soon as possible. You can experiment with the audience of the blog to find out what else they would like to see in the future. Try to know the kind of people who will like the blog. You could even come up with an avatar. You should build a presence to add value and have strong relationships. Do not create spam.

   4. Engagement with readers

Create a great blog and work on finding great reader’s for the same. When you do this, you will get regulars. This is the time to focus on them and build your own community. Respond to comments made and reach out to them on a personal level. Do as much as you can to ensure they come back. Looking after the readers will lead them to attracting even more readers to the blog.

   5. Making money from the readership

The above steps are important, as they are the foundation for making money. All the above is a lot of work, but hey, Rome was not built in a day. You need to work hard if you are to get a good return. To make money, you need to keep on experimenting and working on the blog. Here are some income streams that stand out if you want to make some cash blogging.

  • Income from advertising: As the brand and traffic grows, advertisers become more willing to pay something to get exposure to the audience you have managed to attract. Most bloggers begin with advertising and people use this common model. Ad networks can give you some substantial income. Start small and grow with time.
  • Affiliate income: This is where a product is linked to another site. When a person uses the link and then buys the product, you will get a commission. Affiliate promotions are a common income choice for many since they can just use a link to sell the product.
  • Events: This includes conferences, hosting bloggers or small meet-ups for the readers where money is made by charging the attendees or getting sponsorship. Bloggers are making money today by running many different events. Search around for different ideas for events you can create.
  • Recurring income:  These are membership programs where readers pay an amount on annual or monthly basis to access premium content or other services. This is yet another category that keeps on growing and bloggers are trying it out.
  • Business promotion: Brick and mortar businesses can make money using the blogs to grow profiles and direct the readers to access their own business.
  • Services: Services are offered to readers and this can include things like consultations and coaching, copywriting, training and all sorts of services. These services are another popular way that people are utilizing to make money.

There are so many other possibilities. To get the upper hand, ensure that you use more than one mode of making money to get the best results.

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