Best WordPress Plugins for 2018

There are great WordPress plugins that everyone who has a blog or website should have in the year 2018. When you decide to use WordPress platform for that blog, make sure that you get a hosting provider who will offer easy installation. You will need a theme and make sure that all requirements you want are fulfilled. Be keen on the quality and the features. Choosing a plugin is also a great step. Take time to select a plugin that will enable you to get so much more from your website.

You need to know what plugins will make your blog or websites even better. You should give the users a great experience and ensure that the plugin is actually SEO friendly. It is easy for any new blogger to be confused on the plugging that is ideal for them. So many great plugins can be used in WordPress today. The options can overwhelm one and there are many problems that they may face. You need to choose the WordPress plugins that you need most.

Working without plugins

You may be wondering if you can list work without the plugins. What you should know is that plugins are actually building blocks for the WordPress site. They bring with them functionality needed in WordPress. Plugins are what make WordPress truly worthwhile.

Best Plugins for Websites


This plugin is widely used. It is free and offers over 30 modules. It is possible to enable or even disable a module from the writing, appearance, security, engagement and general categories.

This plugin offers a much better experience writing. It is easy to list and publish blog posts through email. There is also the video hosting option if at all, you want to publish videos on the website, but you will have to upgrade the plan. This is an easy way of uploading videos that are unbranded and ad-free.

Google Authenticator

This WordPress plugin is free. It adds two factor kind of authentication to the site for better security when logging on, the plugin lets you utilize two-factor authentication by using the authenticator app for iPhone/android/blackberry. When you enable the plugin, you have to type an extra code that will appear on the authenticator app or you will not be able to visit the site at all. The authenticator is an amazing way of making sure that the page is safe from hackers.

Lazy Load

Lazy loading your videos and images is a great way of improving the load time of your pages. The plugin is free and you can load an image if it is visible within the viewport.


Many blogs today are aimed at the hit and run kind of readers. Most people will just get to the blog, read an article and simply leave. It would be great if you got some people to subscribe or if they agreed with the post. The WordPress plugin provides great free tools needed to grow social sharing and subscribers.

The sumo plugin uses email SignUp forms so as to make it easy for you to add readers to your email list. You can share the blog posts on Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter and all sorts of social sites.

WP Super Cache

With this plugin, the website loads faster. This plugin is widely used and it generates HTML files from the WordPress blog. After the generation of the HTML file, the web server then serves the file without processing it to WordPress, PHP scripts that are heavier and more expensive.

Over a million websites use this plugin. The speed of a website is a big deal for search engines as well as for blog readers. You will not have to use so much. When you install and activate the plugin, your website will be faster.

Yoast SEO

If you want to publish content on a company, business or personal blog, then you should never publish it without optimizing it first.  SEO plugin allows you to optimize a post easily. There are many such plugins in use. Yoast SEO is the best to use because of the great features that it offers. This means each post gets better rankings.

Contact Form 7

Jetpack comes with a contact module, but you did not have to use it, you can simply install your own contact form 7. People use this very popular contact form plugin for WordPress. This free plugin helps you create and then manage many contact forms for the different pages. You can also access additional plugins that can enhance how the contact form 7 functions.

LH Zero Spam

Do you really need to make users fill out Captchas? You can use the LH Zero spam plugging instead. There are different plugins of this nature used for WordPress. Choose one that will help you with deletion of spam and one that works very fast.

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