What 1 Year of Traveling Has Taught Me

It has always been my belief that we learn so much as we travel. You get enriched and enlightened. You get out of your cage and step into a world you never knew even existed. Traveling has allowed me to meet so many people and experience different cultures first hand. We all take a delight in food and what better way to try out new delicacies than through travel?
When traveling, I can let go and let things happen in a natural way. I do not try too hard. I lose myself in all the environments I find myself. When you do this, you become a free spirit and you feel like you can conquer the world!

I have been traveling the past year and there are many valuable lessons that I have learned. This is what I want to share with you.

The value of little things

As I have been traveling, I have started seeing the small things that we take for granted in real life. There are things that we do not give much value while they are actually worth so much. One of the things we ignore so much is the value of people doing the humblest jobs. This includes the taxi drivers, chauffeurs, vendors, and waiters and so on. You will definitely meet these people during your travels. They need to be respected because they determine how good your stay in that specific location will be. You can learn so much from them, especially when you are on unfamiliar ground.


I used to be somewhat reserved and I did not interact much. I was unfamiliar with people and did not like speaking often. However, traveling has opened me up and it has shown me the need for initiating conversations and befriending people who have proved to be worth so much. Interacting with locals as well as other tourists are one of the best ways to make the most out of the holiday. If you stay alone, then you may not have the zeal to know the destination, therefore, missing important things.


I have learned so much about different localities and cultures. For this, I find myself wanting to know more and more about the world. I would like to believe I am much wiser than I was initially.

Confidence boost

If you are anything like me, then you know how intimidating a new setup can be. When you travel, you do not have an option. It’s either you remain locked up in your room or get out and experience the new setting.

You need to find confidence regardless of how hidden it may be. Today, I feel more confident since I have had to manage everything by myself. I’ve had to decide what to do and what to eat as well. Traveling on your own has its own highlights and it’s a true achievement.


During my travel, I have seen new things. There are landscapes, architecture, food, culture, and people. This is something I had no idea about before I started my travel. There are so many wonderful things the world can offer, but we have to step out of our comfort zones to experience and embrace them.


I am finally no longer confined to a shell. New doors have presented themselves and I now appreciate all aspects of life. Travel shows you the important things in life. You lose that traditional mindset and focus more on life. I have met people with so many backgrounds and so many stories to tell!


When you travel, it becomes easy to set priorities. Since I love traveling, I had to set priorities. I needed to save and concentrate on the things that would give me joy. During my travel, I have been able to think more clearly and now I know the direction I want my life to take.

Once you’ve missed a bus or two and have been stranded in many extreme locations, you quickly become focused on prioritizing your daily life and eventually your future.

Being grateful

We always complain about our lives. However, as I traveled, I negated without difficulty. Today, an attitude of gratitude is deeply rooted in me and I feel excited and thankful for the life I live than before. It is easy to appreciate what we have been given in life after we see many people whose lives have been less fortunate. These moments cause me to reflect upon the graciousness of my friends and family and truly see the help they have given me over the years.

My selfish side

Though many may not get it, travel has helped me deal with selfishness. I was self-centered, but as I traveled in the past year, I see life in a completely different light. I can see all the colors and I appreciate people from all occupations. I have realized that there are people who have to deal with adversity, every single day of their lives and that does not make them any lesser beings. Now am more compassionate and appreciate the challenges many have to face.


The exposure I have gotten in the past year has made me a more creative person. This is in my day-to-day life. I am no Picasso, but traveling stretches your mind when you see new things that capture your attention. These are the things that make life so delightful. Waking up on a beach or watching the sun set in snow-covered mountains shows the beauty of the world. Since I’ve begun traveling, I have started writing and even drawing some of the locations I am visiting!

There are so many things to learn and I look forward to more experiences in future travels.

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Everyone is Doing Facebook Ads and eCommerce, Should You?

eCommerce has become the backbone of many businesses today considering that it reaches a very wide market bringing in profits. This is a process where consumers and businesses sell and buy goods and services using electronic media. Facebook on the other hand has also become a very popular marketing social media platform. Ads on Facebook have seen to the success of many businesses because they make it possible to reach people based on gender, age, location, and even interests and others. If you are still wondering whether you should follow suit and do eCommerce and Facebook ads, maybe it would be better to start by looking at the advantages of each.

eCommerce advantages

  1. There is a lower startup cost required, compared to a physical retail store. You do not need to handle upfront costs like designing your store, sales equipment, buying inventory and others with eCommerce. The platform is easy to use and you get to enjoy free themes, apps and even hosting at a reasonable annual fee for virtual rent. Your business expenses will definitely be much lower in eCommerce.
  2. It allows you to sell internationally. This is probably one of the greatest advantages of eCommerce. Using the platform you are able to sell what you have to customers across the globe. You have the ability to discover the right audiences regardless of where they are located and using other helpful services you are actually able to shop your products easily and competitively.
  3. Affordable employees are offered through eCommerce. Considering that it is very hard to run a business all by yourself, you may need employees. The good thing with eCommerce is that you can outsource any work you have to countries whose cost of living is lower so you do not end up spending too much. Compared to a retail store, you will also need fewer employees when you feel it’s getting harder to run the business alone.
  4. With eCommerce, customers enjoy an enjoyable and less invasive experience shopping. This is because they are not forced to interact with employees in the store as it is the case with brick and mortar stores. They get to shop for what is available with minimal disturbance and only look up for support when they need to. Using email, live chats and Facebook messages, all customer queries can be attended effectively. It is an advantage, especially for those who would rather sell or buy what they need discreetly.
  5. Having content will grow the business organically. You can use eCommerce blogging to grow organic sales and traffic that take your business to the next level and without spending much on it. It can be done through writing blog content and videos to optimize the store. Also, eCommerce makes it easy to scale business quickly, unlike brick and mortar store where you would need to think about space and costs before scaling.

Advantages of Facebook Ads

  1. Facebook ads make it possible to target and reach the right audience. You are able to refine the targeted audience with the advertising using things such as demographics. When this is done, you increase your chances of getting the message across and getting the expected results in terms of sales. Segmenting Facebook users and using CRM can go a long way in making your business a success.
  2. Using Facebook ads, you can measure conversions. Tracking user actions after they view your ads across different devices is made easy when you create Facebook pixel. You can add the pixel to your website where the conversions occur so you are able to see who converts after viewing the Facebook ad that you have put up. You can implement the pixel from the Ads Manager on the platform and then adding the base code to every page on your website.
  3. Facebook ads can contain videos. The truth is that consumers are attracted by videos, even on Facebook and using them on this platform gives a solution that is cost effective. Including a video in your ad content will highly increase your visibility. Facebook makes it possible to opt for auto-play, which automatically starts playing your video on the Newsfeed of users increasing the chances of your ad being watched. Because targeting customers is easy with Facebook ads, you will also be able to place the video in front of the most relevant audience for the business.
  4. Using Facebook insights, you can measure page data against paid posts the same way you would in analyzing the performance of organic posts on the platform. This data helps greatly in deciding what targeting options are best for future ad posts making a difference for your business.
  5. You can test ads to different locations, audiences and even age segments all in one Facebook campaign. This is made possible by the Facebook Power Editor and it helps in finding out what works best and for each of the target demographics for that matter.

eCommerce and Facebook ads can for sure go a long way in making your business a success. You just need to do each right and you stand to reap great results.

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Multiple Niche Sites vs. One Authority Site

There is a big difference between niche sites and authority sites. An authority site can be defined as a site that bears many posts. Niche sites have fewer posts and they tend to touch on different niches. One of the most notable differences is the kind of work that injected into an authority site. When you think about authority sites, it is not all about a set of keywords or number of pages. It is all about different products with different keywords, and different kinds of posts. In as much as SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is part of the target, social is still part of the whole deal. It is all about building a brand and creating a social presence. This relies on a consistent upkeep. As for the niche sites, it is not the case. They simply say something and almost immediately forget all about it.

Both niche sites and authority sites require one to do intense keyword research, branding, content production and building links. There are, however, some key differences that exist between the authority sites and the niche sites.

The differences

The main difference between the two is the thinking strategically about the market, content changes, traffic sources and link building.

1. Market research

When you concentrate on creating an authority site, you should make sure that you are getting into a big market. Even though this is not usually an issue, it still needs serious consideration. The authority sites do not restrict themselves to the basics. Market research is very important. You should find out what works and what does not as this is what gives life to your site. All you need to do is to ensure that you include as many related keywords as possible. Do not box the site to cover some basic topic only. Doing this narrows down the market. This sets the authority sites apart from the multiple niche sites.

2. Differences in the content

Keyword research for authority sites is important and it is the same as the case with the niche sites. However, as you will notice, only half the content is focused on the content. The rest focuses on the topics that can be shared. When you produce only half of the content focused on keywords, and then you will definitely come up with amazing content. In this way, you also end up getting some of the most amazing links.

When you are working on an authority site, then you should always come up with content that will definitely not be affected by time. It should offer the best value for the readers. This may include writing articles that are longer. Sometimes the authority site can have up to 3000 words, giving many details. When you do this, it becomes a much better resource than what is available on the web. It isn’t just about the rank you get on Google, but more about helping people get their hands on the best and in-depth information as they need.

3. Building links

This one is a game changer. The main idea that the multiple niche sites do is to engage in whatever it takes to be ranked well in Google and then move to the next site as soon as this happens. This can be achieved when you are working on the private blogs, building links and other tactics not approved by Google.

When you build links well, it may work for a while and then it will be all over. You may even end up getting a penalty. Usually, it is not recommended that anyone uses private blog networks. What you do to change the game is to concentrate on content marketing. Come up with the great work and content that others can share and you will definitely get links. Implementing good content and coming up with an outreach strategy actually works.

Do not trick Google into giving you a rank that you do not really deserve. Concentrate on the shareable and valuable content that people will engage with naturally. This is what sets the authority sites apart from the multiple niche ones.

4. Sources of traffic

The other main shift is the source of the traffic. When a niche site is small, you could get some 90 percent or more of the Google traffic. In most cases, this is what the multiple niche sites aim at, i.e., rank first and get free traffic.

When working with authority sites, however, you can diversify the traffic a little bit. This means even when you do not rank so well, you can have many visitors to your site and this is an important goal. You can get traffic from other places, not just Google. Some other areas that can prove to be helpful include yahoo news, Google news, Pinterest, Reddit, YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter. You can also make use of email list traffic, direct traffic, paid traffic and the referral traffic.

Today, it is not all about Google ranking for keywords hoping that they will remain relevant. In as much as you still have to work on keywords, you should know of all the other places where traffic can be sourced.

Comparing these differences teaches you how to create great authority sites and things to consider when setting up your multiple niche sites.

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5 Ways to Get Fast Traffic to a New Website

When you are thinking of a long-term traffic potential in strategies related to marketing, then SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and content marketing offer great returns on the investment. The two are great and offer great returns on the investment that you make over time. They come without any risk as long as they are executed in the correct manner. The main disadvantage with the strategies is that they take so much time if they are to be done correctly to offer positive ROI (Return on Investment). It can take so many months to create. This is not appealing to people setting up new sites because they need traffic as fast as they can get it.

So, what happens when the traffic you expect doesn’t come as fast as you want it to? Some options can be considered to make this possible. You can choose the one, which you feel, will work best for you. They include:

1. Guest posts: this serves many functions, but there are two points that make it a great way to get gains. A guest post connects you with some of the authorities that have already been established and have audiences they can work with. There are some of the people who have an amazing readership and this means that your brand is featured as well. You can use visibility. However, when a publisher is too visible, then being featured becomes an issue. Set sights on something smaller so as to get the best returns.

When you have content that is valuable and authoritative, you will definitely get a flow of users to the site. The guest posts can work on a long-term for marketing content and also for SEO.

2. Social media audience: the social audience can be very unpredictable and building it can also be hard. However, when priorities are well thought out, you can get a very effective and a fast method of scaling the user base. On social media, one engages with people in a direct and one on one manner. The content you deal with can be used so as to attract audience an in a natural manner without the need for ads. This in a way funnels traffic and you get to engage with people one on one.

Engaging with social users by sharing and liking posts and then getting into conversations, you can introduce the brand to them in the most natural way. You will have to work so as to get this started. Within some time, you will find that your audience will grow and the following will attract other like-minded people facilitating even further growth.

3. Leverage the influencers: the publishers who have a high profile offer an amazing shortcut to getting a great audience. The influencers basically work in the very same way. Here, you will be engaging with individuals rather than hosting clients using external sites. Influencers can be found through crawling social media as well as searching. Share your work and ask the followers some questions so as to encourage engagement. You can also work on showing them that you have some interest in their work. This helps and you may realize that your content is being shared on their platforms without your needing to ask for it. Nurture the relationships that you create with the influencers as this will tap so many resources for your brand and you will definitely do so much better.

4. Paid ads: this may not be a favorite for many, but it is still a strategy nonetheless. It actually comes with a very low long-term potential and you have to pay upfront so as to stream on the sites you want. The best thing is that the stream is guaranteed and you may actually get more traffic. However, if you withdraw the budget, then the ads also go down as well, meaning the stream is now defunct. Advertising is a great strategy and it is profitable and fast, but it does not have the greatest growth potential or the gains that other strategies have to offer.

5. Promotions and contests: you should consider running promotions and contests. These are very much alike to the paid advertising. The investment has to come up front. You can use something of value and then ask the users to engage so as to enter the contest. This can include things such as sharing or liking the posts on social media. The contents are a powerful tool because they spread easily and naturally. In this way, you get quick visibility, you may get a long-term benefit on social media, and your brand is promoted even further. Find the correct content and make it valuable, interesting and original to get real demographics.

The one thing that everyone has to bear in mind is the fact that fast traffic does not mean that you are getting good traffic. It is always not an indication that your investment is getting good returns. When you compare it to money, then content marketing and SEO beat the paid advertising when there is proper positioning. With time, you get better returns when you invest correctly.

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Why Email is Still the #1 Form of Advertising

There are so many advertising categories in the modern world, including social media marketing, video, SEO, mobile analytics and sales enablement among many others. But the truth is that email marketing has persisted over the years and remains to be the number one form of advertising that any business or company can settle for. It beats all other advertising channels because of a number of advantages it offers in growing a business. But what exactly makes email marketing this effective even with so many other marketing options?

It is an open platform

Many brands have in the recent past spent lots of money buying large social following so as to communicate with their target audience and to engage with them. Platforms like Facebook have in turn reduced the number of followers that get to see the posts unless they are paid advertisements. Email, on the other hand, is not controlled or owned by a particular entity and remains an open platform for communication. If you take time to build a good email list, then you have an asset that you can leverage without effectiveness limits from anybody.

Email offers easy customization and integration of different marketing tactics

The truth is that email marketing is versatile in that the messages can range from simple to complex depending on the email database depth and the skills of the marketer. It is possible to personalize the emails so they can include the name of the user and other important details. The personalization is something that can be hard to achieve with a majority of other advertising channels yet the uniqueness attracts very positive responses. You can utilize it with other marketing tactics to create an integrated marketing campaign.

It gets the message delivered

Over 90% of emails do get delivered to the intended inboxes whereas only a very small percentage of fans get to see posts in the case of social platforms like Facebook, especially on the news feed. This is because there are limits as to the number of times the post can appear as an attempt to drive brands to paid advertising options. As for email, subscribers have already agreed to hear from you when they signed up to your list, hence you know that your advertising efforts will not go unseen. It gives you confidence when emailing a prospect or a customer because you already have their permission to send them the messages.

Email offers a larger reach

It may seem unreal, but the truth is that everyone who is on social media or other platforms has an email address. It is through the email addresses that the users get important notifications from many of the platforms they are signed into. Email can, therefore, be described as the web currency because active online users need an active email address and this makes connecting with customers and prospects easier and wider with email advertising.

It is still a preferred channel of communication

Whereas social networks are very personal modes of communication used largely to keep to date with family and friends, email is a more professional medium where people expect information on services and products making it very good for business. A huge percentage of people actually prefer receiving promotional content via email compared to social media so you know your messages will be upheld when you use email advertising.

It offers a higher ROI

When it comes to ROI, email outperforms other advertising channels may be because of the ability to deliver highly relevant and personalized messages. You just need relevant data about your customers so that your messages can be highly targeted and you can use customer service solution or CRM to get to know your customers better. When you are able to monitor your customer, you will be sure to send only the right messages to the right people and this improves your ROI to a great extent. Dynamic content and segmentation ensure the content is relevant to every recipient to drive them into converting.

It drives conversions effortlessly

Driving conversion is what most marketers are focused on whether it is in memberships, business metrics, sales or leads. The reasons why email offers better conversions is because you are already sure the recipients subscribed to your list already want to hear from you; this is not the case with most other advertising channels. The click-through rates of email campaigns are much higher compared to those on social platforms like Twitter making it a very powerful channel for advertising. Email visitors tend to buy more when compared to search engine visitors or those from social media campaigns. Email is also measurable and customers have access to metrics such as clicks, forwards, opens and even shared on social media. This increases the conversion rates of email marketing, making it worthwhile for any kind of business.

Looking for an advertising channel that will get you the kind of results you wish for? Email marketing is indeed one of the best you can choose to grow your business and stay afloat of competition.

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The Advantages of Adding Push Notifications to Your Site

Push notifications are messages that are clickable and appear on a computer screen or even on your smartphone when accessing different contents. They can be reminders, incoming texts among many others. Web-based push notification is the new concept of push notifications. They can be defined as app notifications without the app. Subscribers don’t even need to be perusing your website to receive the notifications, they can just pop up or slide right at the corner of the screen. They make a great way of staying connected with your business customers without being intrusive, all they have to do is click to allow options you are offering them.

There are different types of push notifications you can choose for your website including shopping cart messages, time-sensitive messages, blog updates, content updates and community updates among others. To get the most from the push notifications you choose for your website, you just need to ensure they are timely, precise and relevant. But what are the advantages you stand to gain when you add the push notifications to your website?

Easy subscription to the push notifications

When it comes to web push notifications, only minimal effort is required. Users only need to click the button to sign up and probably get into your list, eliminating the tedious process of having to enter a name, email address, go to inbox and click other buttons to get into the same list. The one-step SignUp process of the notifications makes a very convenient supplement saving time for your users and gaining you a considerable number of subscriptions in the process.

The notifications offer intimate audience interaction

Even though social media is of importance to any marketing strategy, it can still be difficult to be visible on the platforms. This is largely because the platforms use pay-for-play kind of business model and this may not be as rewarding for your business. There is just too much noise on the media platforms that it gets harder to successfully grab the attention of followers and users. The push notifications are much better because they directly go to the end users so you don’t have to scream on social media.

They increase user engagement

If there is one major reason as to why you should add push notifications to your website, then it is to increase user engagement. It is important to remember that users can easily get distracted with so much going on making it easy for them to forget to return to your website even if they loved it when they visited. The notifications are a gentle way of persuading your users to come back. You can combine them with a good email marketing campaign, a Facebook paid ad campaign or even a remarketing strategy to see very positive results. You will also be able to be where your customers are without necessarily being invasive. As long as the content is useful and provides valuable interactions as well as solutions to problems your users will be happy to join. The push notifications are an easy way of driving traffic back to your website provided you have an actionable angle and are able to create some sort of urgency.

They offer user control

Push notifications make it possible for the users to turn them off at any time they want. For this reason, the risks of ending up being annoying to the customers are quite low. At least you are sure that those who choose to keep them are ready to see the content you wish them to see using the push notifications. Happy users are without a doubt beneficial to any business and this is what you get to enjoy when you approach the notifications in the right manner.

They make customer behavior tracking easy

With the notifications added to your website, you will have a super easy time analyzing the times users are available to interact with your website or app. You will also be able to see what messages have higher chances of being opened and situations which generate more engagement. The good thing about knowing about customer behavior is that you are able to put together content that appeals to them most and attracts their attention to be beneficial to your business in the end.

They bypass inboxes

Email marketing is without a doubt one of the most successful strategies you can use for business. However, they can get crowded, making it harder for your email to stand out from all the competition. When you add push notifications, you stand to enjoy the benefit of no crowds meaning the competition is low. When this happens, it becomes very easy for you to sell your content to your targeted audiences. You can, of course, create a comprehensive marketing strategy that involves different aspects, but adding the push notifications will do your business good.

Web push notifications which are precise and timely will be most relevant for your business. You want to keep them as such to motivate users into taking the right action. Add them to your website and enjoy the benefits.

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5 Reasons Why I Haven’t Launched My Own Product

When you work for yourself for some time, most people close to you may start wondering why you have never thought of launching your own product yet. Most people expect you to have something you are working on at the back of your mind, especially if you are not working in an office. Even though there are many ideas in my mind, I am not ready to dedicate to any of them.

In truth, we all have plans and ideas, but we lack the motivation or the courage to act on them. The initial idea is just the beginning. Moving forward is not something most of us get to do. Executing those plans in your head and realizing all the ideas take a lot of effort and dedication.

Since I have not started, there are many reasons as to why I am held up. Though am not an expert, I have worked with different product developers and I have learned a thing or two as to why most of us are stuck at starting.

Reason One- Fear

There are many reasons I, and many people like me have not launched up until now. The core reason is fear. Fear is dependent on how well you survive: they are part and parcel. The fear that I get blamed should I fail, fear that I will not find any customers and fear that the product will not pick up as per my expectations.

For anyone dealing with this, the best thing is to choose the correct company. It can help to have a fearless people in your corner.

Reason Two- Perfection

I am a perfectionist and so are many people all over the world. We like comparing ourselves to other people and brands.  Like in the case of web development, people compare projects to the biggest players in the market. It helps to set a standard, but sometimes that holds us back to some extent.

When you do not have enough time, the correct budget and staff, and you still compare yourself to the big players, and then you may never launch your product. One has to start from the ground up, but we all want what Apple has, we are human.

If you want to compare your product to others, it is essential to ensure that you compare products at the same level. This has to do with the staffing, efforts and the budgets they are working with. If possible, just take time to appreciate what you, want and focus on that. Do not wait too long to launch.

Reason Three- Imposter Syndrome

When working on something new, I freak out. I wonder who will respond or read anything I write. There is also the thought at the back of my mind that someone has already done it better. This is normal and unfortunately, it holds so many of us back and we fail to launch. If you look beyond the insecurities, you should know that they could actually propel you forward. This energy should be channeled into an effort to launch and get the product out there.

Reason Four- Marketing

Sometimes we spend so much time working on a product and we forget that at some point we will have to market it. It is important to start building an audience even before the product has been completed. This is something that has helped me back and I know so many other people have been held back too.

For those willing to try, marketing should not discourage you. You can start with a few customers and get testimonials to attract more. This is something I plan to try out soon.

Reason Five- Pricing

When you are pricing a product that you have worked on so much, so many insecurities turn up. Pricing can be hard and knowing the correct price for a product can stress you out, especially for those of us with no experience launching. This part eludes even the companies that have already been established. Most of us have to deal with a combination of fear and pricing and that is why we remain frozen for such a long time.  Stepping away from insecurities can help.

It is important, to be honest. It is very hard to get things started. That first step really matters and it makes a huge difference. However, I think I will take my own advice and get over all the above insecurities. This is the only way you can try something out to find out if you can make it or not. Without launching, you could be missing the next big thing the world has been waiting for.

The best part of launching and failing is that you have the opportunity to try to re-launch once more. I think I will just do it!

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Why I Hit the Road and Haven’t Looked Back Since

Travelling enriches life in a way that is simply incredible. Since I started travelling, I have not looked back. There is so much to experience once you are on the road and if you have as much fun as I do, you will definitely do as I did. I hit the road and I have not looked back. These are some of the reasons:

  • Travelling is easy

When you want to travel the world, then you should know that it is very possible to make that dream come true. It does not matter how long you want to travel or where you want to go, if you have a strong resolve, then you should be ok. All I do is keep an eye open for offers and look for as much complimentary advice as I can.

  • Travelling is an eye opener

Since I started travelling, I have become a well-rounded person. This is something that anyone can get to experience if they do decide to travel the world. Traveling opens up the mind and you start believing in so many possibilities. You become more appreciative of life in general.

  • You get in-touch with your inner self

I have had to deal with so many challenges during my tours around the world. This has helped to discover who I really am in a way I would have never imagined. The road has a way to bring out the best and the worst in you.

  • Relationships

I have met so many people during the time I have been on the road. Some of the people I have met have become very valued names within my contact list. There are places I long to visit again so as I can meet up with the amazing people that made my stay unforgettable. They are people who have helped me get intimate with areas away from my hometown and aiding me in getting some refreshing and new perspectives about life.

  • Skills

One thing I realized during my travels is the fact that I did develop some skills I had no idea I had in me. You only come to discover you have some skills when you leave your comfort zone. It is always an amazing feeling when you discover something about yourself.

  • Learning new languages

This is by far the most interesting part of my travels. Since I have been to so many parts of the world, I have heard different languages. There is something so gratifying communicating with locals even if you manage just a few words at most.

  • Travel and adventure

Traveling gives you a chance to be adventurous. With so many amazing destinations in the world, there are so many activities that you can engage in and they can all bring out the best in you. Each travel destination comes with its own activities to engage in. It gives so much pleasure to try out new things and experience destinations in the deepest way possible.

  • Traveling and perspective

I have met people from different cultures and gotten to see how they lead their lives. This has helped me appreciate the fact that everyone sees the world differently. I have realized that my point of view has some blind spots. When you see the world on a personal level, you vision and the grip of reality changes completely.

  • You move forward

If your life has been centered in one place, then travelling can help you move from the different stages as it did for me. You may end up finding the greatest adventure of your life. When you are away from the place you call home, you can transition easily. You have a chance to so a deep reflection regarding who you were, who you are and who you want to be.

  • Education

I can confidently say that travel is education. I have learnt sociology, geography, history, politics, and economy in a way that would have never been possible had I been in a class. It is the best way to experience art and get culinary experiences.

  • You get challenged

When your life seems like it is overly routine, life gets dull and boring. I have found it necessary to work while on the road to ensure that I do not run out of the money. However, my life is not routine as to be. I have had my share of challenges and joy. When I have managed to face the challenges and deal with them, it has given me the greatest joy!

  • Shaking things up

When your life is too dull, then a trip is what you need. That was the story of my life. I hit the road and everything changed completely. I have enjoyed travelling to places I had only dreamt about before. My life is much better and brighter now.

I started to travel because I wanted to. It beats all other alternatives and I cannot see myself all cooped up at home all day anymore. I have changed my life in ways I cannot even explain and am inspired to carry on with the trips.

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The Downsides of Being Your Own Boss

Everyone yearns to be their own boss someday. It is not always pleasant to work for someone else day in and day out. Being your own boss comes with plenty of advantages, including the ability to take as much time as possible to get things done, flexible schedule, not sharing profits and not being answerable to a third person among many others. When you are your own boss, you do not have to put up with someone breathing down your neck to get things done. People who are their own bosses seem to be happier and more content with their lives. The truth, however, is that apart from the numerous advantages of being your boss, there are downsides for the same and some of them are highlighted below.

There is no person guiding you – The feeling of being completely independent is without doubt thrilling. However, the independence could also leave you feeling frustrated and confused over different issues because you have no one guiding you on what to do and how to go about different business-related processes. Having a boss means enjoying motivation and support, but when you are your own boss you may lack this and going wrong sometimes is therefore inevitable.

It can get lonely sometimes – This is especially if you are your own boss and without any person to help you with the running of your business maybe because you do not need any. You enjoy lots of flexibility and independence, but it definitely can leave you feeling isolated and lonely. There is a certain thrill of being in the corporate jungle and you will be missing this some days when you are on your own. Interacting with other people and competing can be amazing, but you do not have this luxury when you are your own boss.

There is just too much to do – The fact that you have no one else to run your business of work means that you have to multitask. You will be required to play all the roles necessary for your business to ensure that each and every part of the business is operational and functioning as smoothly as possible. This can be tedious, especially if there are areas of your organizations you are not very good at or familiar with. Failing to deliver means never succeeding hence you may need to put in extra efforts to get everything running perfectly.

You may have to work round the clock – The fact that you have so much to do could translate into working round the clock for the same for your organization. When you are your own boss, chances are that you will rarely have time to relax even though you enjoy a flexible schedule when there is just so much that needs to be done. You will need to work harder just so everything is running which could mean working past the usual working hours.

It could end up promoting laziness – This is because you do not have someone pushing you to meet strict deadlines. The strictness is a sure and efficient way of getting things done, but when you are your own boss, your style of working could be lax and lazy and this means taking longer before you can achieve set goals for the venture. It also opens opportunities for making shortcuts and cutting corners to get the work done and this could be disastrous for the business in the end.

No employee perks to enjoy – Big company employees have plenty of perks to enjoy as much as they may have to work with strict deadlines and rules. These perks can include paid vacations and bonuses which all work as motivators for the employees. However, it is highly likely that you will not get to enjoy this when you are your own boss. Before you reward yourself, you will always be thinking about all pending financial obligations and targets you must meet on your own. The going can get tough and you need to be understanding enough to forge on till you get where you wish to be.

You can’t be sure of a steady income – When you are employed, it is obvious that your income will be steady whether the company achieves its targets or not. But when you are your own boss, you are likely to enjoy good months and bad ones, meaning you may not always be able to pay yourself. You will actually need to work extremely hard if at all you want to make lots of money and when you go on leave your work is halted meaning no income at all. It takes a very good business strategy and commitment in order to make it as your own boss and still enjoy some good money in the end to spoil yourself.

In as much as there are so many advantages of being your own boss, you also need to weigh the disadvantages, so you know exactly what to expect on your journey. The more you know the better you will be in making the right decisions for your business.

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How to Build a Community Around Your Website

This is one of the questions that most website owners ask and will seek for the answers. Everyone who has an enterprise online needs an audience. It is this audience that will define how well you perform in the end. It does not matter whether the site supports services or products or whether it is all about giving information, you will still need to have a community on the website for it to be successful.

If you are managing an online business, there are issues that you can apply in various situations. Many solutions can prove helpful and they can be applied in different situations. Building a great community does not come easy and it is not a task that is straightforward. There are many techniques and things that you should take care of so as to get great results. The execution is very important.

Importance of Having a Community

You won’t need to spend any money on a website for frequent visitors. People will still discover the website, especially when it handles things that are of interest to them. It is important to think critically since you do not just want the one time kind of guests. Engaging the visitors and ranking interests solves many things. You should allow your audience to leave some feedback and you may consider allowing them to get in touch with you.

Many business people think of consumers and they want to fulfill their needs as best as they can. With this in mind, it is important to look at the social facet too. People love it when they can connect with like-minded individuals. The online realm is being intertwined with the world, as we know it. Offering the opportunities and niches that will attract people like you gives you power.

This means that there is an online place where you can interact freely. You can create such a website and you can become a part of the process. You can discuss products, services and all sorts of things with people who are interested.

When you have a group of people active on the site, it can help you with SEO. When the audience is significant, you will be motivated and you will get some sort of purpose. You will have to maintain a high standard so as to come up with the highest quality content. This is what the community will share with each other. This in a way gives you a chance to be visible to the search engine robots.

Building a Community

Now that we all know that it is important to find and keep the visitors interested, you should find better ways in which this can be handled.

Great content: when you have the greatest content, you can never go wrong. Delivering high quality content means people will consider you an authority and they may seek clarification from your site.

Great content is about not only the news articles but also all the things that you target at the visitors. This can include the different segments of the websites like an introduction, about us page and so on. These are the areas that should appeal to your audience. If you are dealing with products, then you need to have descriptions that are appealing to your target audience. Post photos that are professional so that people can take you seriously. The first impression matters more than you think.

Give tools for engagement

You have already created content that your audience can take time to talk about and topics that a community can be built around. The part that comes next is the facilitation of discussion by coming up with a section for comments. You can also create a forum where people can interact with one another and leave their comments.

You need to harness the power of the visitors by using the social media share buttons. This is a crucial advantage in marketing. The users can help with their social networks and therefore reach a wider audience. When the content is good, you will not have to tell anyone to share. They will do it willingly.

You can also think of the real-time kind of interaction where you can come up with a live chat. This means that you can interact with the visitors in an instance, without waiting for answers at the forum. A chat acts as the virtual room where people can handle different issues and comment showing some sort of support.

Engage in the community 

Regardless of the fact that you created the community, you need to engage as often as possible. You may not have to go to all the social media platforms. However, you need to make regular updates and acknowledge the comments that fans make.

You can use social media to get feedback from clients and so you should learn more. This is the best way to create brand loyalty and establish lasting relationships. Reach out to members who are prominent and active so that they can act as the ambassadors.

It is never easy to build a community, but it can be done. Do not be too promotional just be yourself. Talk to the audience and always give them something they can give a view on.

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